VP Marketing Communications

Who Are The VP Marketing Communications?

Let us know who is the VP of Marketing communications? Also, know their importance in a company? These are the following questions we will answer in this article.

The VP Marketing Communications

The VP of Marketing Communications is the head of the communication team of an organization. He is the one who plans, directs, and manages all the communication activities of a company.

His main function is to devise strategies. So that will help in communicating the vision of the company to all the stakeholders.

He should be well versed with all the communication channels that are available for today’s generation.

Therefore, he should have good knowledge of print media, radio, TV, social networking sites, etc.

The Importance Of The VP Marketing Communications

The importance of this position can be understood by analyzing certain key points given below:

1. The communication team of any organization is responsible for building a brand image about its products and services among its customers.

2. The role of this position is quite crucial in providing support to other organizational areas like sales, services, marketing, etc.

3. The communication team determines how customers perceive your brand among other competitors in the same industry.

4. To communicate effectively with all stakeholders, this position needs to have clear communication goals.

5. To determine communication objectives, it is necessary to have good communication knowledge.

6. When communicating with various departments, it is essential to have strong coordination skills.

7. Quite often this position acts as a bridge between different departments.

8. Also, he should possess knowledge about the communication preferences of the target audience

The VPS Of Marketing Communication Shape The Image Of A Company

The VPS of Marketing Communication is responsible for providing information about their company’s products. They provide it to customers through different channels like print media, TV commercials, radio ads, etc.

They are also responsible for making sure that their company has a positive image in front of customers. So that they can get more business through word-of-mouth publicity.

Therefore, they are supposed to have good knowledge about public relations activities. So that they can get the maximum benefit out of it.

If you are interested in working in this field then you must possess good skills in the following:

Writing Skills

So that you can effectively communicate your message across to your target audience. Also, you need to be aware of which media channel that your target customers prefer more.

Why? Because not every customer likes watching TV while some prefer reading newspapers etc. Therefore, before designing any plan you need to analyze what type of media will be most effective for your target customer.

Management Skills

You need to be able to manage your team effectively. For this, you should have good skills in the following:

1. Time management

2. Resource management e.g. human resources, financial resources, etc. 

3. Decision-making process

4. Problem solving

5. Conflict resolution

6. Negotiation skills

7. Marketing skills

8. Sales skills

You need to have good sales skills so that you can sell your company’s products and services more easily. You need to have good communication skills so that you can effectively communicate with your clients.

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