What SharePoint Services Need To Be Running?

What SharePoint Services Need To Be Running?

One of the common questions is what SharePoint services it needs to be running. If you are one of those asking, you are in the right place to find the answer.

What Is SharePoint?

On the surface, SharePoint is a web-based platform where you can share documents, calendars, photos, and so forth. Most of us would have heard about the term “SharePoint” at least once in our lives.

SharePoint is a web platform that was originally developed by Microsoft. And released in 2001 as part of its server software.

SharePoint has evolved over the years, and it is being used by millions of customers all over the world. SharePoint has become one of the most popular web platforms used by businesses to facilitate collaboration.

What Is SharePoint Services?

SharePoint Server 2007 R2 had two services: Word Automation Services and Excel Services. These two services enabled users to create, edit, and save documents to SharePoint without ever leaving their web browser.

However, some developers found it easier to create applications directly with SharePoint rather than using the Office APIs. That led to the creation of additional services. Such as the following:

  • Visio Graphics Service,
  • PerformancePoint Service Application,
  • Business Connectivity Services (BCS),
  • Search Service Application, Managed Metadata Service (MMS),
  • and many others.

Now, we will go to the main topic, what SharePoint services need to be running? Here are the following:

1. Anonymous Cache Service

2. Excel Calculation Services,

3. Managed Metadata Service,

4. PerformancePoint Services, and

5. User Profile Service Application.

Now let’s dig out each one of these services separately.

What Is an Anonymous Cache Service?

The Anonymous Cache Service is part of SharePoint Server 2016 and 2019. It allows users to anonymously access lists and libraries stored in the SharePoint farm. 

Thus it improves the overall performance of the farm by reducing the load on the web frontend servers by enabling anonymous users to cache items locally without the need to contact a web server.

Excel Calculation Services

Excel Calculation Services has two primary purposes:

1. To enable the calculation of workbooks and workbook parts on a SharePoint server.

2. To enable the integration of Excel calculations into web pages, reports, dashboards, and other SharePoint content.

The Excel Calculation Services also enables you to customize the behavior of the Excel Calculation feature. How? By using configuration settings in the Excel Services application settings section of Central Administration. 

PerformancePoint Services

PerformancePoint Services is a highly customizable dashboard-based tool. Provides business intelligence (BI) capabilities for SharePoint Server 2013 and later versions. It helps users manage, analyze, and visualize their data more effectively by using interactive dashboards.

User Profile Service Application

The User Profile Service Application (UP SA) is a single service application that stores and manages the user profile data in SharePoint. It stores user profile data in the SharePoint content database. A user profile is a collection of information about a specific person, such as contact details, preferences, and behaviors.

The main reason for installing the User Profile Service Application is for authentication purposes. It enables SharePoint users to authenticate to their accounts in the Office 365 tenant.

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