VP Communication Jobs

The VP Communication Jobs

Let us discuss what are the following jobs of VP communication that we can apply? And how much do they earn in this job?

Jobs Of VP Communication

VP Communications are the executive leaders of the communications department. They are responsible for the following:

  • developing and implementing company communications strategies
  • supervising the communications team
  • managing other communications-related projects.

They are expected to be well versed in all aspects of communications. So that includes

  • external and internal communications
  • media relations
  • public relations
  • Marketing
  • trade/professional association relations
  • investor relations
  • social media
  • Advertising
  • public affairs
  • community relations

They also need to implement and execute company-wide communications strategies and priorities.

Those strategies and priorities could include:

  • event planning and execution events. such as conventions, trade shows, and conferences.
  • media relations. Such as media training, press conference planning, etc.
  • Internal communications strategies and employee communications planning.
  • marketing communications strategies and advertising planning
  • social media strategies. Such as managing social media accounts, social media monitoring, etc.

How to Become VP Communication?

VP Communications are assigned executive-level responsibilities. They are expected to have an overall understanding of the company’s following:

  • Products
  • Services
  • Markets
  • Industry

As well as competitor’s products, services, markets, and industry.

Typically, VP Communications have at least 10+ years of experience in communications, journalism, law, or business. They are expected to have solid communications skills for public speaking and writing. Most importantly, they are expected to have good people skills.

They are also expected to be able to manage multiple projects at once. They are typically multi-taskers.

How much does VP Communication make?

VP Communications can make $100k-$300k primarily based on their size and location. The bigger the company and the more remote the location, the less they will make. Smaller companies and more metropolitan areas will pay much more than that


Here are the salary ranges of VP Communications in various industries:

Agricultural Products & Services – $71,000

Automotive – $100,000

Banking & Finance – $100,000

Chemicals – $100,000

Consumer Goods & Retailing – $140,000

Internet Services & Information Providers – $120,000

Electronics & Electrical Equipment – $160,000

Food Manufacturing – $110,000

Health Care – $170,000

Mining & Metals – $120,000

Non-Profit Organizations – $120,000

Paper & Forest Products – $130,000

Pharmaceuticals & Biotechnology – $150,000

Semiconductor & Electronics Manufacturing – $150,000

Telecommunications Services & Equipment – $170,000Utilities – $130,000

Wholesale Trade – $120,000

Here is the list of Top 10 Job Openings:

1. Sales and Marketing Manager – $65,000

2. Software Developer – $60,000

3. Marketing Specialist – $55,000

4. Project Manager – $50,000

5. Financial Analyst – $48,000–$52,500

6. Product Manager – $50,000–$60,000

7. Supply Chain Manager – $70,000–$90,000

8. Business Analyst – $55,500–$64,500

9. Product Marketing Manager – $68,750–$80,750

10 . Business Systems Analyst – $57,500–$75,500


Communications is a growing field for anyone interested in advancing their career. There are numerous positions available in this field. So it includes the ones discussed here

If you are looking for a rewarding career that will allow you to use your skills to help grow a company, then Communications may be right for you.

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