How Many Versions Of SharePoint?

How Many Versions Of SharePoint?

There are many versions of SharePoint that users can use. All of the versions are useful to use. Now let us discuss how many versions there are.

10 Versions Of SharePoint

Here are the 10 versions of SharePoint and let us discuss them with little information below.

SharePoint Online: 

So this is the cloud-based version of SharePoint. It is the newest and most updated version. It is for those who do not want to buy software or hardware for running SharePoint. 

SharePoint Server 2016: 

So this is the latest offline version of SharePoint. It has all the latest features and customization options. 

You can use it for personal, organizational, or business purposes. 

SharePoint Server 2013: 

The first version of SharePoint Server 2013 was released in April 2013. So this had many new features and was much better than the previous versions of SharePoint servers. 

They have more features and configurations to run on a single server as well as on a multi-server system.

SharePoint 2010: 

It is the previous version of SharePoint 2016 but still many organizations are using it. Because it has a lot of features and tools that help them in their workflow. 

SharePoint 2007: 

So this was one of the best versions. It is because it has so many features that are useful to an average organization or business owner. 

These features allowed users to create blogs, websites, calendars, contact lists, calendars, etc. 

SharePoint 2003: 

The first version of this software was released in 2001. That contained many powerful tools for creating portals and websites for businesses, organizations, etc. 

Microsoft Office 365: 

It is a cloud-based version of Microsoft Office that has been designed to work with SharePoint. It helps you share your documents online with your co-workers and clients etc. 

Microsoft Office 2010:

So this is another offline version of Office that can be used on any PC or laptop with Windows Operating System (OS). 

Microsoft Office 2007: 

So this is another offline version of Office that can be used on any PC or laptop with Windows Operating System (OS). 

Microsoft Office 2003:

It was one of the most popular versions because anyone could use it without having to pay any software license fee etc. Office 2003 comes as an integrated part of every copy of Windows sold by Microsoft.

Since its release in October 2002 which means it is already present on your computer. If you have a copy of Windows installed on your computer/laptop/PC etc.

Which Version Of SharePoint Is Best?

Now let us discuss which version is best? Well, people do not use all these different versions because they are good for different purposes.

So the best versions that most people use today are SharePoint Online and SharePoint Server 2016. These are the best versions because they have many features that help users in their work.

How SharePoint Is Configured?

So how will you configure SharePoint? Well, it is very easy to configure SharePoint. Let us discuss how to configure SharePoint.

SharePoint is unlike other software programs. It consists of many components that need to be installed or configured on a computer system like Windows or Linux etc. 

You can use the installation wizard to set up the following components of SharePoint: 

  • Central Administration:

It is to manage your entire organization’s deployment of SharePoint content and services. 

  • Service applications:

It is to help you manage specific business capabilities like search, social networking, user profiles, etc. 

  • Web applications:

To host your websites and web pages for your users and business partners etc. 

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